Born: Indianapolis, Indiana, 1921


1942.BFA Ohio State University 
1943.Secondary Teaching Certificate, University of Michigan
1961.Graduate Work, Montana State University
1971.Experimental Video (summer) University of Idaho


1950 Adult Sketch Group, Montana Institute of the Arts 
1975.Cottonwood School, Elementary Art
1977.Guest Artist, MAEA, Chico Hot Springs, Spring Quarter 
1978.Guest Artist, Montana State University, Spring Quarter
1983.Guest Artist, Montana State University, Fall Quarter 
1984.Montana State University, summer staff
1990.Montana State University, wood cut class (one month fill in)


1983.Juror for "Women’s Show," Black Orchid Gallery, Butte, MT

1983.October 31 issue of Newsweek Magazine article on Montana Artists

1985 Woodcut Workshop, Paris Gibson Square, Great Falls, MT

1985 Wall Street Journal article on Western Arts Foundation by Juror

1987 Interscholastic Workshop, Great Falls, MT

1989.Curator, "Women’s Work" Centennial Exhibition 

1990.17 Illustrations for Lynda Sexon’s book, "Hamlet’s Planets"

1992 Juror for "The Great Garbage Binge" exhibition, Bozeman, MT

1993 Book Cover, Melissa Kwansey’s "Trees Call for What They Need"

1994 Printmaker of the Year, Billings Print Club

1995.National Women in the Arts panel, Helena, MT 

1996.Video "I Paint What I See" (with Missoula Retrospective)
1997.Scenery for Vigilante Theatre Co. play "Wuf"

1997 Recent Paintings, Botanica Gallery, ECC, Bozeman, MT


1954.Two Man Show with Robert DeWeese, Eastern Montana College, Billings

1954.Two Man Show with Robert DeWeese, State Historical Museum, Helena

1960.Two Woman Show with Lela Autio, Montana State University, Bozeman

1960.Northwest Annual, Seattle, WA

1958.Loggia Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1970’s Contemporary Crafts, Portland, OR

One Woman Show, White Chapel, Bozeman, MT

Missoula Arts Festival, purchase prize

Ninth Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis, MN, purchase

Northwest Bank, Billings, MT, purchase

First National Bank, Boise, ID, purchase

1974.Two Man Show with Robert DeWeese, Lewistown, MT; Cheney, WA

1975 Three Man Show with Rudy and Lela Autio, Ketterer Gallery, Bozeman

1977.Two by Two Show, Kalispell, MT, purchase prize 
1978.One Woman Show, Yellowstone Art Center, Billings, MT 
1979.Painting-Woodcut Show, Sandpiper Gallery, Cannon Beach, OR 

1981 Two Man Show with Joop De Meij, Artifacts Gallery, Butte, MT

1980.Women by Women Show, Black Orchid Gallery, Butte, MT

1982.Montana Images Show, Art Chateau, Butte, MT, Best of Show Award

1982 Women and the Environment Show, Missoula, MT

1982-91 Sweet Pea Festival, Bozeman, MT. ’84, 3rd prize; ’91, hon. mention

1983-95 Yellowstone Art Center Auction, Billings, MT

1983-85 Annual Northern Rockies Exhibition, Sheridan, WY 

1984-86 Black Orchid Annual Women’s Show, Butte, MT

1984 Upstairs Gallery, Helena, MT with Robert Harrison

1985 Paris Gibson Square Exhibition, Great Falls, MT

1986 Three Man Show w/Robert and Josh DeWeese, Northcutt Gallery, Billings

1986 Print Show, Copper King Gallery, Anaconda, MT 

1987 12 Montana Artists, Paula Anglim, Janet Steinberg Galleries, S. Francisco

1987 Montana Landscape Invitational, Hockaday Center for the Arts, Kalispell

1987 Western Places Allied Arts Assn., Richland, WA, merit award 

1987 Exploration of Landscape Show, Beall Park, Bozeman, MT

1988 Centennial Print Portfolio, Rattlesnake Valley Press, Missoula, MT

1988 Facing Our State, Missoula Museum of the Arts, Missoula, MT

1988-92 ACLU Auction, Montana

1988 Missouri River Centennial Exhibition, Dahl F.A.C., Rapid City, ND

1988 Past Experience, Future Visions (national) Paris Gibson Sq., Great Falls

1988 Arts In Company, Kalispell, MT

1989 Permanent Collection Purchase, Yellowstone Art Center, Billings, MT

1989 Museum of Art Rental Gallery, San Francisco

1989 Field and Stream Ex., Pritchard Gallery, Moscow, ID; Boise, ID

1989.Spirit of Modernism, Paris Gibson Sq., Great Falls, MT (traveling)

1990 One Woman Show, Chase Gallery, Spokane, WA

1990 Mystical Reflections of the Big Sky, Haynes Hall Gal., MSU, Bozeman 

1990 Two Man Show w/Brian Persha (potter) Gallery 16, Great Falls

1990 Poetry, An Image in Mind, Beall Park Art Center, Bozeman, MT

1990 Pritchard Art Center Auction, Moscow, ID

1990 Paperworks, Utah State University

1990/91/92 Paris Gibson Square Auction, Great Falls, MT 

1991 Environmental Impact Statement, Art Museum of Missoula, jurors award

1991 Art Museum of Missoula Arts Auction, Missoula, MT

1991 Montana Institute of the Arts exhibition, Art Chateau, Butte, MT

1991 Toucan Gallery, YWCA Women’s Show, Billings, MT 1st prize

1992 Central Wyoming College Art Center Exhibition, Riverton, WY

1992 Art Fest, Bozeman, MT

1992 Landscape and Other Ruins, Art Museum of Missoula, Missoula, MT

1992 Leaf and Bean Spring Show, Bozeman, MT

1992 Wildlife and Communications Show, Bozeman, MT

1992 Self Portrait Show, Danforth Gallery, Livingston, MT

1992 One Woman Show, Yellowstone Art Center, Billings, MT, Bozeman, MT

1992 Morgan Gallery, Kansas City, MO

1992 Gallatin Valley Land Trust Traveling Show, Bozeman, MT

1993 Eclectic Co, Bebe Kazar, Kalispell, MT

1993 Dancing Colors, Bozeman, MT

1993 Worthy Students Auction, BSHS, Bozeman, MT

1993 Expanded Horizons, GVLT Traveling Show, Bozeman, MT

1993 One Woman Show, 41 East Main Gallery, Bozeman, MT

1993 4th Annual Equinox, Paris Gibson Square, Great Falls, MT

1993 Art Space, Billings, MT

1993 Annual Sweet Pea Juried Show, Bozeman, MT

1993 22nd Annual Auction, Art Museum of Missoula, Missoula, MT

1993 Electrum, Helena, MT, First Prize

1993 Beall Park Art Center, Bozeman, MT, One Woman Show 

1993 Rick Pope Christmas Sale Exhibit, Bozeman, MT

1994 One Woman Show, Toucan Gallery, Billings, MT

1994 United Airlines, Airport purchase

1994, 95 Rebedo, Artist’s Collective, Emerson Cultural Center, Bozeman, MT

1994 Daily Coffee Shop, Bozeman, MT

1994 ANA Show, Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT

1994 Emerson Cultural Center

1995 "A Woman’s Place" Paris Gibson Square, Great Falls, 5 women artists 1995 Sutton West Gallery, Missoula, MT 

1995 Penelope Loucas Gallery, Tacoma, WA 

1995 Self Portrait Show, Danforth Gallery, Livingston, MT

1995 Tribute to Edgar Degas Show, Chapparel Gallery, Bozeman, MT

1995 Family Resemblances, Hockaday Center for the Arts, Kalispell, MT

1995 Winter Showcase, Holter Gallery, Helena, MT

1995 The DeWeese Family, Danforth Gallery, Livingston, MT

1995 Equinox, Paris Gibson Square, Great Falls, MT

1995 "A Woman’s Place," Paris Gibson Square, Great Falls, MT 

1995.Art in Embassies Program, Ghana (loan) 

1996 Retrospective, Art Museum of Missoula, Missoula, MT

1996 Bridge Street Gallery, Whitefish, MT

1996.Art in Embassies Program, Addis Ababa (loan) 

1997 Architectural Arts and Art Assets; Dallas, TX, purchase

1997 Retrospective, tour of 7 Montana Museums, MAGDA

1997 National Museum of Women in the Arts, June exhibition

1997 Morgan Gallery, Kansas City, "Wild Woman Salon" exhibition

1997 Art Museum of Missoula Auction

1997.Holter Art Museum, Helena, MT, Miniature Show 

1997 University of Montana, Missoula, Permanent Collection

1997 ANA National Show, Holter Museum of Art, merit award

1997 Equinox Show, Paris Gibson Square, Great Falls, Juror’s Choice award

1997 Penelope Loucas Gallery, Tacoma, WA

1997 Botanica Gallery, one man show, Bozeman, MT

1998 Retrospective: Final showing, Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT

1998 Bridgestreet Restaurant and Gallery, Big Fork, MT

1999 Morgan Gallery, Kansas City, MO, one man show

1999 Art Museum of Missoula Auction

1999 Emerson Cultural Center

1999 Fest Gallery, Butte—Family Show

1998.Billings Deaconess Clinic, Commission 


1995.Governor’s Award for the Arts

1995 Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts