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Bear and Gracy


Peppers Farewell to Winter



Horseplay #1

A Pepper Day

Sweet Feed

Leftover Legacy

I feel that I remain most responsive to my life (and "responsible" as defined by Bob DeWeese as "the ability to respond") by exploring within a flexible range of media and focus. Although the wire has been a means of livelihood for me for a number of years, I stay engaged in the studio with myriads of materials meticulously gathered and stashed over years of accumulated inspiration for potential work. Like the seasonal flux, I tend to work in a natural rhythm of change, shifting from non-objective to representational, literal to imaginable, expressive to contemplative, 2-D to 3-D. I generally work in series, exploring variations
on a theme. Like the seasons, I tend to return to themes and materials throughout these shifts, thereby discovering and developing a continuity of style and form. Juggled with demands of day to day rhythms of living, the studio takes many forms in response to whatever inside and out is most present.

Of course there are limitations, and I’ve come to learn that growing old graciously means learning to live with unfinished business—the studio a perfect microcosm of a life…But equally, staying vital in the process demands a vigilant return to those unfinished pieces as energy and time (and money) allow! Prioritizing comes in the course of taking this action. . . 

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