from the writings of Mary Overlie -

Early tutors, my parents Olav and Elaine and my art parents Gennie and Bob DeWeese, taught me the joys of investigating what was around me, to be interested in my own experiences, to use my own logic, to take responsibility for my ideas and to find a language to communicate them to others.  
I witnessed each of my tutors stand times in a special place in the world, having to fight for the freedom to hold an open view on life. I watched them work very hard to maintain credibility in a society that did not feel comfortable with people creating their own ideas. My tutors taught me that real strength is built out of the flexibility of an open mind, the courage to be fluid in accepting experiences and ideas and the discipline of self critical thinking to strive for clarity. These open views formed a central structure in my life and continue to inform the manner in which I teach The Six Viewpoints.