BOB - IRISH MUSICIANS/1980's/36 x 60" / Property of the Holter Museum

BOB - IRISH MUSICIANS/1980's/36 x 60" / Property of the Holter Museum


It is with great pleasure that the DeWeese family presents the new www.deweeseart.com website. 

Both prolific artists, Bob and Gennie left allot of images of their work behind. Drawn from thematic files of hundreds, the PREVIEW images are an overview of these themes of their work and will be seen again in context of the galleries from which they are drawn. Please bear in mind that the PREVIEW images are not intended to be an exhibition of masterworks, but rather a representation of the range of the full bodies of their collected works.

The transitions from one image to another are either visual or historic and are the threads that carried us through Bob and Gennie's archives. These segues are less chronological than they are inspirational, referencing themes of focus like “Seasons” and “Non-Objective” for Gennie's work, or “Family” and “Ties” for Bob's. Please note the navigational tools: click on the white cross in the upper right hand corner of the GALLERY images to make them full frame. They can be advanced forward with either option of full frame or carousel.

It will take some time for us to present all the GALLERIES...there are many and they will be added incrementally. Meanwhile...we hope the PREVIEWS will entice your further exploration through the galleries…it will take some time for you to see them all...to be returned to perhaps as they were painted, through the shifts of the seasons. Initially there are two GALLERIES: Bob's WOLNY'S HILL from 1982-89 and Gennie's NON-OBJECTIVE paintings from the 1940's to 2007.

The photo album of BOB & GENNIE will delight you with memories and insight into the dynamic, spirited and soulful lives that they shared with us. You can learn more ABOUT them through various articles and personal reminiscence from family and friends. Please CONTACT Tina if there is something you would like to include...stories, impressions, personal reminiscences...it will be our pleasure to share!

Also, there are LINKS to the websites of DeWeese family members and spouses. Jan and Josh's websites are presently linked and others will be added in time, as these websites are also in the process of being constructed.

We want to express our gratitude to Dennis Kern, long time friend and colleague of Bob and Gennie's, for creating and hosting the deweeseart.com website of Gennie, Tina and Josh since the early 2000's. The domain name will remain the same, but we will now be managing the site ourselves through Sqarespace.